The goal of the Speed-Course Filmmaking is to take the first steps into filmmaking and to produce a short movie with your classmates in a week-time. Whether you like operating a camera, acting, directing or editing: everything is covered in this Speed-Course!

You will be introduced to the different disciplines of filmmaking (both Fiction and Documentary), acting and editing as well. This way, you will get knowledge about everything and you will record your own short film.

For example: you go out with your fellow students and make a report of Amsterdam with our professional equipment. In addition, you are going to record a scene in which you either act, operate a camera or direct the scene.


You will learn all the possibilities of the camera and you will record your first shots. Which shots do you have? What is the purpose of each shot? By practicing during the lessons you will quickly learn how to tell a story through film. You write a short plan and interview your classmates. Here you make use of the different camera shots you learned.


In addition to filming and conducting interviews, you also become acquainted with acting. You will get various exercises, useful facts and tips and you will learn how to transform yourself into your role. How can you make the script come to live? What are good ways to learn scripts? After acquiring this knowledge, you are going to apply that to the scene.

If you don’t want to act, there is always a possibility to work as a director, sound(wo)man or camera(wo)man when the scenes are being recorded. We ensure that everyone has a job that suits them best.


Besides directing actors you can also choose to direct a short item. You write a plan for this with the following points: What are you going to film? Who are you going to film and why? Which shots do you need? Are you going to film on a tripod or handheld? If you have finished your plan you can start filming in duo’s. This doesn’t have to be in the school, but can also be done somewhere nearby. If you are done, you return to Amsterdam Film School and you make sure all recorded material is safely stored on our workstations.


In the first lessons of the course you were mainly focused in filming different situations. You have recorded an interview, a scene or an item. Now it’s time to see how all these shots turned out. How do you assemble all the material into a good film? You will get acquainted with editing and make your first version.


During the last phase of the course, you choose a discipline you liked the most and would like to learn more about. For example, you can record another scene, edit material or make more shots for your item. Eventually you make sure that you have a final film which you can present at the end of your course.

Registrations & Startdates

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EUR 595,-

(partial payment possible)


1 week


Monday till Friday

09:00 – 15:00


For novice filmmakers around the age of 16-25

(English-speaking mixed class with international students)

Equipment included

Professional equipment


Certificate of participation


Amsterdam Film School
Paasheuvelweg 5
1105 BE Amsterdam