About Amsterdam Film School

The Amsterdam Film School is a private film school, founded in 2014 and offers various film courses with a maximum duration of one year. From a  10 week course Camera Acting to Directing Documentary and Directing Fiction, all given by the best in the film industry! The courses are for both beginning and filmmakers who are already working in the industry. At the Amsterdam Film School, journalists, film directors, photographers, advertising agency creatives, writers, young makers, self-taught artists and career switchers study at us.

Tailor-made lessons

Do you already master many aspects of film or do you want to specialize in one of our given topics? You can! Because it is also possible to choose a single module in addition to an entire course. For example, if you are a professional scriptwriter and have already written a scenario for a short film and you want to focus on the cinematographic aspect of film, you can join our Cinematography module.

Masterclasses & Workshops

In addition to our courses and modules, master classes and workshops are regularly given by professionals. Always wanted to know how a top producer of for example NL Film works? Wondering how D.o.P Rolf Dekens works in the USA? Would you like to follow a crash editing course for a week? Are you stuck during your documentary and do you need the right tips & tricks? Two days of intensive work on game direction with the greatest directors from the film world? Then our masterclasses and workshops are definitely for you!

Learning by Doing

Practice-oriented education is central to our small-scale classes. The teachers come directly from the set and are happy to share their passion and craft with you. Because doing so is the best teacher, you will get to work yourself as much as possible during the lessons, under the guidance of our professionals. Filmmaking is discovering and developing your own style and vision. We and our team of teachers will be happy to help you realize your short film.

Build your Network

With the various courses in each discipline, you quickly build up a large network. Because how pleasant is it that the actors for your short film probably already walk around at school? Or one of your classmates knows the one sound engineer you wanted to ask for your film? And don’t forget that in eight months time we will prepare our editors to edit your short film! You work together, help each other and are involved in various productions. By also putting a lot on the set of your fellow students, you make a lot of meters on the set in a period of one year. From director to recording leader you learn it all!