What does synergy mean during education? We explain that to you in the diagram below.

A pleasant side effect of our way of working? Directly expand your network from the first day at Amsterdam Film School. You work in a multidisciplinary way with fellow students from our extensive curriculum and you have contact with our entire team of professionals.

The unique curriculum of Amsterdam Film School has been developed to create synergy between the different disciplines of the program. Our students enter into a multidisciplinary collaboration during the learning trajectory.

Fiction Director

For example, the Directors of our Director Fiction Course work together with our Camera Actors and on the other hand the Documentary students work together with the Editors of the Editing Course. In this way, students learn and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.


Exchange students

Documentary Director

Putting knowledge into practice is paramount at Amsterdam Film School. In the end, the practice is the best teacher! Together with our professionals and fellow students, you will work on your own project from the first lesson.


The exchange of students between the various disciplines means that our students can get started with their acquired knowledge as a director, actor or editor during the production of their own film or documentary.