In addition to our long term courses and masterclasses, we also offer short courses. For example, don’t you have time to take a 10-month study? Or would you like to specialize on a specific topic? Do you already have a film plan and do you want intensive guidance from professionals for several weeks? Or are you still looking for which direction of film you want to go follow and would you first like to orient yourself in film? Then our short courses are ideal for you. Our offer varies from a week speed course filmmaking to an eight-week VFX course and from an introduction course of Fiction Director to a Documentary course for the more experienced maker.

Whether your ambition is now in the field of feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials, or post-production with us you learn how to tell a good story and how to present it optimally in images. Whether you are a director, producer, journalist, advertiser or marketer, you are welcome to continue learning at our school.

Below you will find our entire range of courses in Directorate Documentary, Directorate Fiction, Post Production, Camera Acting, Production and more.