Pre Course Directing Fiction/Documentary

The goal of the pre course is to make you enthusiastic about the profession of filmmaker. This pre course is an introduction to the part-time courses in directing fiction and directing documentary. In this 10-week course you will receive a short introduction to the basics of filmmaking. You deliver a short film, individually or collectively, which shows that you understand the principles of film making and can apply them in practice.

The structure of the pre course

Classes are given in 10 consecutive weeks in one block of 3 hours. The structure is aimed at making a film and is divided into pre-production, production and post-production. In addition, we expect you to carry out home assignments in the form of both practical and theoretical assignments.


Everything starts with a story. In the pre-production phase we focus on coming up with a subject and writing out a concept for the film that will be made during this course. The proposed choice of film format is the mockumentary. A mockumentary is a made-up story (fiction film) presented as a true story (documentary). In addition, we pay attention to film language, basic technical aspects of the camera, sound and planning for the production of the film.


All footage must be made for the selected productions in two weeks. We choose to rotate the tasks as much as possible, so that every student gains insight into the most important (main) tasks of the production phase. For these small productions it mainly centers around the directing, camera, light, sound and management.


All footage is ready and now it comes down to making something beautiful with all the raw material. The assembly of the film, the editing, consists of a pre- and final edit. In these two weeks you will be familiarised with the basics of assembly. You will gain insight into the image and sound rhythm of the film. In the editing phase everything comes together: the ideas, storylines, atmospheres, emotions, sounds and music. After this, you will work with all the elements to make it into one story. The montage is the final performance of your composition. Only this time not with music, but with images. Image also has its own rhythm. You end the course with the presentation and evaluation of your self-made film.

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10 weeks

10 lessons of 3 hours each

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