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Do you want to experience a creative summer while discovering Amsterdam and learning all about filmmaking? If yes, Amsterdam Summer School is the place for you to be. We have an extensive 5-day summer school program where you’ll discover fiction, documentary, directing, cinematography, acting and editing and by the end of the week you will have made your own movie.

You’ll shoot film footage together with your classmates in Amsterdam with our professional camera’s on day one, and the next day you’ll record a film scene as an actor behind the camera or in charge as the director. Every morning and evening of our summer school courses you will discover a new part of filmmaking. Every day ends with a drink on our rooftop terrace, a boat trip excursion or a cinema night with your summer class. For those coming from abroad or living outside Amsterdam, you could stay in a nearby youth hostel during this summer program (not included).

The week is concluded with a festive screening of your movie at Amsterdam Film School where you and your classmates will receive your certificate of participation in the presence of friends and family. Everybody is invited!

We also have a Dutch version. Click here for more information.

The goal of our program is to let you have a taste of what it is like to create your own movie within a small, enthusiastic group of young people at this summer school in Europe.

Whether you like cinematography, acting, directing or editing, you’ll learn about all different aspects of film making and you will get to choose your own role for the final movie at the end of this summer camp. Enjoy the week in Amsterdam capturing the beauty of the city, while making new friends (only youth) and having fun in class and at the daily excursions.

The Summer Course is suitable for every enthusiastic filmlover between 15 and 25 years of age. Are you always busy filming your friends with your phone? Do you watch vlogs on YouTube a lot or admire famous filmmakers? Then this is the place to be!

The lessons are scheduled from Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 15:00 o’clock. The excursions will continue at 15:00 and finish at 17:30 or slightly later.


At the first day of the Summer School, you’ll get to know your class and teacher. After the introduction you’ll start using our Blackmagic and Canon camera’s. Discover all the options these camera’s have to offer and shoot your first film footage.

After you’ve met your classmates and learned about the camera’s, you’re going to write a plan for a short interview in teams of two candidates. You’ll use your new camera skills to film the interview.

After the interviews, you’re free to do whatever you want. As it’s a sleepaway camp, this is also the time to check in at your hostel. In the evening we’ll welcome you again. We’ll review the interviews together and end the evening with a drink and some snacks on our rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of Amsterdam!

It’s almost impossible to shoot a movie without actors and that’s why we’ll teach you everything about acting on your second day of the Summer School. If you’re talented, you might be able to play the main role in the film that the class makes at the end of the week. After you’ve learned about acting, you’re going to use this knowledge in a scene. But if you don’t like acting you could also direct or shoot the film. The different exercises and useful tips and tricks will get you introduced into the craft of acting. Is it difficult? Most of all, it’s fun!

When every scene is shot, you’re free until 19:00 when we’ll go to the Eye Film Museum by the ferry ‘pontje’ for a tour and a film screening.

During the third day you’ll shoot a film about Amsterdam in the famous Vondelpark. There is time in the morning to write a plan at school. What are you going to film? Who are you going to film and why? Which shots do you need? Will u use a handheld camera or do you use a tripod?

After you’ve finished your plan it’s time for lunch. In the Vondelpark you’ve got the whole afternoon to make your own item and shoot the best scenes you can. When you’re finished you’ll come back to Amsterdam Film School and we’ll make sure your shots are saved secure or our workstations.

This day will be about Amsterdam, so what is the best way to finish? A boat trip trough the canals of Amsterdam. And of course it is also possible to bring a camera if you’re inspired to film more.

During the first three days you’ve been busy filming different situations. You’ve done an interview, filmed different scenes and shot your own item in Amsterdam. Now it’s time to see what these shots look like. What can yo do with it and how does editing work? Did you film the moments long enough, do you have enough material? During this fourth day you’ll learn about editing and you’ll make your first edit!

You’re free from 15:00 – 18:00 to continue with your edit or prepare yourself for the festive ‘show night’.  There will be drinks and music from 19:00 o’clock.
Theme for this night is: Your favourite movie!

On the fifth and last day of Summer School, you and your group can choose which film subject you like the most; documentary filming, editing or something else? In the morning you could shoot another scene, continue editing or visit Amsterdam once more to film. The program is yours to choose.

After the lunch break you’ll finish with the certificate celebration and screening of your own final movie at 15:00 o’clock. Family and friends are invited to join you for this festive screening!


The Amsterdam Film Summer School includes:

Five days of courses and coaching from passionate teachers working in the film industry

Availability of professional equipment, from camera’s to editing work stations and software

A boat tour in the canals of Amsterdam

Excursion to the cinema and the Eye Filmmuseum

Lunch for five days and a show night

A drink and a bite on the rooftop terrace of Amsterdam Film School

A certificate celebration and festive closure

Not included: Do you want to enjoy the Film Summer School to the fullest and add an extra holiday feeling to the experience? You could sleep in the A&O Hostel. This hostel is situated around the corner of Amsterdam Film School in the area of Amsterdam South-East. During your free hours you could there and grab a drink, hire a bike or go to the cinema with your class mates.

The Summer School will be invoiced in advance. Prices of the Summer School can be read below.

For processing your registration Amsterdam Film School will charge a one time administrative fee of EUR 25.

Summer SchoolEUR 595

At Amsterdam Film School you can pay by bank transfer or credit card. The invoice needs to be paid 14 days after registration. After the payment your registration will be final

Our terms and conditions can be read by following this link. By registering  you’ll accept these terms.

*Please note that as we are currently in the process of translating our complete offering and website our terms are currently only available in Dutch. Upon request we send you the English version.


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If you are excited to learn more after our Summer School, you could start with the Pre-Course Directing Fiction or Documentary. You can also plan an intake meeting to discuss the option to follow the full Course Directing Fiction or Documentary.


Discover our full curriculum down below. The Amsterdam Film School Courses are perfectly matched so that our students can work together multidisciplinary during the learning process. This makes it possible to create complete film-productions during the course.


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